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Got “Ugly Box Speaker” syndrome? 


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SoundPanel:  Finally!  What audiovisual professionals have long awaited is here.  Don’t put up with ugly box speakers and poor sound quality again! 

The SoundPanel produces wonderfully clear sound evenly across a venue--the larger and more "audio-challenged" the better.  Perfect for audiovisual settings, DJs, karaoke, acoustic bands.  Ideal for installations in houses of worship, schools, restaurants, lecture halls, bars, lounges, retail outlets and ballrooms.  Any venue that needs brilliantly clear sound across rooms, with minimal visual disturbance.

SoundPanel advantages over conventional loudspeakers: 

Perfect for visually sensitive settings – eliminate the ugly box speakers
and match the aesthetic everyone expects from your video
equipment.  Flat is in: flat-panel TVs, flat projection screens, and now flat-panel audio speakers.  Handsome thin construction makes these speakers disappear from view.  With the ability to attach graphics, artwork, information, welcome screens, corporate logos, etc., the SoundPanel becomes art or signage.  Mount on a microphone stand for minimum visual disturbance, or hang it on the wall as a poster.


Greater sound dispersion – the omni-directional performance characteristics spread sound evenly across the entire listening environment, not just directly in front of the loudspeaker source.  With a nearly 180-degree sound dispersion pattern, it fills a room with sound in a way not possible with the narrow sound beam of conventional speakers.  “Hot” and “cold” spots created in a room by conventional speakers are eliminated, and microphone feedback problems are minimized.  It disperses sound so well it becomes difficult to tell where the source is located, even in rooms with large obstacles, and ensures sound coverage to all corners of a venue.  You will be astounded at the way the SoundPanel fills a room with sound.   

Portability – the SoundPanel’s light weight makes set-up, take-down and portability a breeze for one-person set-up.  Tired of dragging hundreds of pounds of speakers into every venue?  Tired of lifting 45 pounds of speaker onto a stand?  Try the SoundPanel, at 7.9 pounds each.  Two speakers fit into 1 hard carry case with wheels for ultimate protection and portability. 

Improved level of sound coverage across a room – the rate at which the loudness of the SoundPanel drops off with distance is substantially better than conventional speakers.  This allows you to get a comfortable volume level to the back of a room without blasting people in the front of the room with high volume. 

Greater creativity in speaker placement – the wide dispersion angle allows you much greater options to place speakers out of the visual field of your audience and still fill the room with even sound.  No longer is it necessary to place speakers in front of the room.  The more creative you are in thinking up options, or the more “audio-challenged” a room is, the more the SoundPanel rises to the challenge.

Improved audio clarity – compared with traditional loudspeakers, the audio clarity of flat-panel is far superior, with a flat response across the entire frequency range, with strong bass and clear, crisp treble and midrange.  Tired of muddy vocals from your loudspeakers? Speech and vocal response is superior to conventional loudspeakers, producing high-clarity speech that can be clearly heard across a venue.  Eliminate the muddy voice sound often a problem in large venues.

Protection – speakers get damaged in storage and transport, not on the stand.  The SoundPanel comes off its stand and right into its protective case for ease of portability and protection in storage.


Size – Don’t want to waste precious floor space on bulky speakers?  Mounts easily on a standard microphone stand (a 3-legged stand is recommended).  With the optional wall bracket, the SoundPanel mounts inconspicuously out of the way on the wall like a poster.  Attach art to it and it looks just like your décor!  Best mounted 3 – 4 inches from the wall, to take best advantage of rear sound waves.  Does not require wall or ceiling reinforcement needed for heavy traditional speakers. 

Frequency response –An operating range of 60 Hz right up to 21 KHz makes this unit suitable for almost any type of program, with no need for a subwoofer for most applications.  The sound clarity and crispness across the frequency range is surprising—no crossover components to muddle the sound. 

Better sound in challenging rooms – the way the SoundPanel fills rooms, even venues with large obstacles, unusual shapes, large open air areas, slopes, etc., will knock your socks off.  Try them in your most difficult venue. 

Ease of portable plug and play – the remarkably low power requirements of the SoundPanel allow us to assemble an entire, miniature PA system.  You can put an amplifier, mixer, wireless microphone, and CD player, all in a portable 4U cabinet on wheels—at under 50 pounds!  Portability to the max—wheel in one case for speakers, one case for equipment, and one bag for stands and cords!  Plug in 2 speakers and 1 power cord and you are ready for sound!  Does not require a power cord at every speaker. 

High Efficiency – Because the entire surface of the SoundPanel radiates sound, its efficiency is far greater compared with conventional speakers, requiring less power.  Do the math—the area of one flat-panel equates to the cone area of about 5½ twelve-inch woofers.  You can even power the SoundPanel with a battery-powered amplifier.  A low-powered amplifier will light up your venue.

Environment friendly – With a wood frame and patented panel material, it uses a fraction of the material of comparable conventional speakers, and a fraction of power as well. 

What it doesn’t do – Unlike traditional loudspeakers, the SoundPanel does not put out tremendous air pressure levels to reach high volume levels.  For settings where gut-punching bass is needed, such as for a dance floor, you may want to add a powered subwoofer.  


Unique.  For the first time, flat-panel technology is now available.  With the ability to attach graphics to the SoundPanel, or even apply paint, this speaker disappears into your décor!  There is no similar product like this in the country.

The SoundPanel: what audio professionals have long awaited.  Perfect for audiovisual, DJs, karaoke, acoustic bands.  Perfect for installations in houses of worship, schools, restaurants, lecture halls, bars, lounges, retail outlets and ballrooms.  Any venue that needs clear sound across rooms, with minimal visual disturbance.

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