Attach Graphics. 

Mission: To give venues with acoustic
challenges beautiful sound they never thought possible.


Now you can do what you never thought possible with your speakers:


Dress up your SoundPanel with artwork, information, corporate logos, photos, posters, welcome information, and your SoundPanel becomes signage!        Download this page as pdf.

The SoundPanel makes it simple to attach your own graphics to the face without compromising audio clarity.  Just follow the simple steps below.  For a temporary mount, you may not need to use adhesive at all, just put your graphics into the frame without the adhesive.  For graphic sizes that are smaller than the frame, there is no need to remove the frame, just spray the adhesive onto your graphic and stick it onto the SoundPanel.  Graphics can be mounted either portrait or landscape.

    1.  First you get some glue.  Ace Hardware sells an excellent spray adhesive 
     made by Duro.  It allows for a temporary adhesive so you can easily remove
     and replace your graphics later on.  It’s very similar to the stickiness of a sticky


1.         2.  If you purchased a case, removed the foam in the bottom, it’s a useful
   cushion for the SoundPanel while you work on it.  Place the SoundPanel face
   down.  Remove the 4 screws of the mount tube and remove the screws around
   the perimeter of the panel.


1.            3.  Now turn the SoundPanel over so it is face up on the foam, or something 
   else to keep it from rocking on the connector.


1.            4.  Lift the frame off the SoundPanel.  Make sure you mark which edge is the 


    5.  Cut your graphics to fit slightly smaller than the SoundPanel.  Spread out
    some newspaper to protect from overspray and spray the back side of your
    graphics with adhesive.  Keep the can 8 – 10 inches away from the surface. 
    For a temporary adhesion, spray lightly.  The more heavily you spray, the
    more permanent it will stick. 

    6.  Next, position your graphics onto the face of the SoundPanel and gently
    lay it down onto the SoundPanel.

1.            7.  Use a towel to gently press the graphics, starting from the center and work
    towards the edges.

     8.  Be sure to clear the nozzle of the spray can by turning it upside down and spray
     until clear.  Otherwise the nozzle will quickly clog up with glue.


                                    9.  Replace the frame, make sure you put the top edge of the frame on the top of the 
                                    SoundPanel.  Turn it face down and replace all the screws.



     10.  Voila.  Ready for use. 

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