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Mission: To give venues with acoustic
challenges beautiful sound they never thought possible.


Finally!  A solution to problem acoustics, 
                        long awaited by audio professionals! 

 ·       Got muddy voice?
   ·       Got reverberation problems? 
     ·  Got narrow-beaming problems?

What if everyone in your audience could hear crystal clear sound, without muddy vocal distortions or reverberations?

We’ve all experienced it; we attend a seminar or venue where the sound is so muddled
      and muffled that half the audience can hardly understand the lecture.  This problem is so
      common we have become used to it. 

         “When I walked into the room on Sunday to prepare for the ceremony and heard the
         music coming from the Sound Panels I was stunned.    I knew right then and there
         that this was one of the most exceptional sound systems I ever heard.” 
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Innovative Sound Solution brings a new audio solution for venues with problematic acoustics, such as houses of worship, auditoriums, conference halls and educational settings.  The SoundPanel is a portable, lightweight speaker that delivers exceptionally clear sound, in a unique flat display.  The SoundPanel offers numerous benefits long awaited by audiovisual professionals.

The SoundPanel:
    ·        virtually eliminates reverberation
    ·        eliminates muddy voice problems
    ·        eliminates hot and cold zones you are used to hearing
    ·        puts crystal-clear sound evenly across a venue
    ·        solves speech intelligibility issues that plague halls and annoy audiences,

Every listener in the audience will hear crystal-clear sound, no matter where they sit in the venue.  No more "muddy voice" that is so common and so difficult for an audience to listen to.  Even the most audio-challenged venues are a breeze for the SoundPanels. 

Often in hotels and houses of worship, aesthetic requirements demands that loudspeakers disappear into the décor of the room. The SoundPanel has a minimal profile and you can even attach graphics to the face to blend with your décor or display information for your event.

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Available exclusively at:  

7543 Lupine Court
Arvada, CO 80007

Info@InnovativeSoundSolution.com  or call: Dana @720-232-0829


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